Training increases yield

Employees working on food processing machinery are often not highly skilled or educated.  However, their attitude toward the equipment and their performance directly impacts on the yield achieved and on the lifespan of the most important, and at times, the most expensive equipment in a processing factory.  Experience has shown that when operators and maintenance personnel are not  well trained on use and maintenance, machines break more often, technicians are called out for small unnecessary faults, raw material is wasted and profitability to a processor is as a result lower.

To illustrate, just using two different kinds of food grease for lubrication in the same machine can cause it to seize.  Goldmann Engineering therefore offers training courses for operators and maintenance personnel on Baader and Trio equipment.

When employees understand the machinery they work with, the strengths and weaknesses, they work safer and breakdowns can often be prevented.  Training has the additional benefit that employees feel invested in and therefore can be more motivated.