Soft Seperation

Baader 600 separator machines separate hard from soft —and can therefore be used for:

  • Meat recovery and de-sinewing of red meat, poultry and fish ( from fillet, meat from bone, crab meat from shell)
  • Pulp and juice production, stewed fruit, potato and fruit chips, baby food, jams and preserves (e.g. pip from prune)
  • Recovery of packed products from packages of cardboard, paper, plastics, foil and composite film with pasty to liquid contents e.g. yoghurt, soft cheese, margarine, breads, pastries and animal food, as well as non-food ingredients such as cosmetics, creams, toothpaste, cleaning products and lubricants.

A squeezing belt feeds the product against a perforated drum with soft components being pressed through the drum holes—solid components (such as peels and wrapping) remain outside the drum.

The material is “soft” separated, meaning that the raw material is not heated in any way.

A pressurized roller can be easily adjusted to obtain varying textures.  The perforated drum is available with a number of different hole sizes (1.3, 2, 3, 5 & 8 mm) thus allowing a choice between fine or coarse material.

The Baader 600 separators are easy to clean and to maintain, comply with international hygiene standards and are USDA- and CE-approved.

The Baader 694 is the smallest available, and is ideal for the first time buyer.

Fish processing applications

When producing completely boneless fillets, it is inevitable that good meat is cut away (e.g. when removing the pin bones).  Also, fish frames and other offcuts include good quality meat that should be recovered.

BAADER soft separation is capable of yielding a high percentage of high quality boneless fish meat from all these off-cuts.  Also with manual trimming of the fillets the cuts can now be performed more generously and faster, thus bringing about lower wages cost since the separated sections of fish meat are not lost from the overall productive outputs.

The bone separator separates the raw fish meat from bones, fins and skin.  The material is neither chopped, rubbed nor ground in the separator.  It is merely exposed to a brief extrusion process.  The result is an end product of boneless fish meat whose fibre structure is retained and which can be further processed in many ways.  When processing pin bone V-cuts without skin it is possible to obtain a meat yield of 90-95 %,


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