We are the local agents for the following brands.  Click on the logo below for more information from the specific brand suppliers themselves.

Suppliers of processing equipment for:

  • Fish processing
  • Poultry processing
  • Soft separation

Baader is the world leader in Fish processing equipment. Processing functions include:

Goldmann Engineering C.C. is one of the more than 70 service centres and agencies for Baader equipment worldwide.

Located in Norway, provides machines to be used for skinning, slicing, portioning and pin-bone removal.  This company provides the unique Freeze Drum Skinning machines for precision skinning of soft fillets, fillets with weak skin, flat fish and small fillets.  The FDS method is just as suitable for skinning of fish with no natural division between skin and meat, as well as deep skinning where the dark meat layer has to be removed with the skin.


Suppliers of squid, flying squid and cuttle fish processing equipment, with particular emphasis on:

We manufacture under licence to Econo Pak Germany, a number of carton sealers and erectors.  Read more…