News: A world 1st! Delivery of a Carton Sealer with an Internet-Of-Things-ready HMI

In August 2017, Goldmann Engineering delivered arguably the world’s first Carton Sealer LE220 with an Internet-Of-Things-ready HMI (Human Machine Interface or screen). Operators of the machine can now read extensive information on the status of the machine whilst Factory Managers can download activity logs from the machine.

Also important to note is that this LE220 now also incorporates a closed water cooling system: which means that water is no longer wasted but circulates in a closed system.

LE220 VerD

The MAIN screen of the HMI displays amongst others the box count, speed of the machine, and various status.  Important information can be obtained from the History screen whilst a unique Diagnostics screen helps technicians to quickly determine the cause of any possible malfunctions.