News: Export of a Baader 200 to the Middle East

Goldmann Engineering and Baader Germany celebrate the sale of a specially adapted and refurbished Baader 200 to the Middle East.  The original design of the Baader 200 is for the filleting of salmon and trout, but by redesigning key parts of the machine, the Baader 200 delivered to the Middle East can now fillet Baramundi (Asian Sea Bass) of sizes ranging between 0.5 kg and 2.5 kg.

It is also possible to process similar species by making further adjustments to the machine.

The Baader 200 processes fish that has already been headed and gutted at a throughput rate of up to 30 fish per minute.  The cutting tools automatically adjust the cut according to the thickness of the fish ensuring a high yield.

This project was made possible by the unique close collaboration between Goldmann Engineering (located in Cape Town, South Africa) and Baader (Germany) – a collaboration that has already produced exports to numerous countries including China.