I(nformation) T(echnology)

Many industrial food processing machines and scales now integrate with PC’s, company networks, the internet and smart mobile devices. There are particular challenges when implementing such technology in the production areas of processing factories. We have performed a number of installations in food processing factories, and by being registered with the leading distributors in Cape Town of computer and related equipment we can offer our customers affordable solutions for the computerization of their food factories.

We also offer software for linking PC’s to scales, printing labels and providing reports on the flow of material through the food processing factory. Whether it’s by creating easy-to-understand manuals or providing software that assumes the user knows more about processing food than about computers, we enable our customers to enjoy the benefits of the latest IT technology without needing to become IT specialists themselves. Support is provided remotely over the internet – you do not pay for our time and petrol to drive out to your offices.
Of course, if all you need right now is reliable computer hardware, feel free to contact us as well.
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