Successful production of high quality frozen and chilled foods relies on the selection of the correct freezing technique and the use of reliable well-designed freezing equipment. Spiral Freezers are a highly space effective method of chilling or freezing a wide variety of food products—in line. Fresh or processed products are directly received from a processing line and returned to the line as frozen or chilled products.  No production interruption or unnecessary operator handling.

Jackstone freezing systems offer a range of multi-purpose units for the freezing or chilling of naked, in-tray and wrapped products rapidly and  safely, like for example beef burgers, fish fingers, chicken parts, gateaux, and ready-made meals.

How do they work?  The product is carried through the spiral freezer on a single continuous stainless steel belt, which ascends or descends in a spiral path around a rotating drum. Engineered for high output and low space requirements, the system is housed in an insulated enclosure, utilizing a continuous horizontal air flow over and around the moving belt, across all tires. Horizontal airflow gives the most efficient method of heat transfer in a spiral system. The cooling action is therefore immediate and sustained, efficient yet gentle, thus safeguarding the quality of the products.  The entire surface of the belt can also be filled with product without affecting the airflow. The evaporators can be designed with large face areas. This reduces the

temperature difference between the product and the cold air. This factor coupled with horizontal airflow makes this design of Spiral have the lowest possible product weight loss.

The drive is suitable for variable speed operations. This allows the retention time of the product to be varied according to its particular chilling or freezing requirements. In-feed and out-feed transfer points can be arranged to suit site conditions to ensure trouble free transfer of products to and from external conveyors.

All product contact surfaces are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene. An automatic belt washing, cleaning and drying unit can also be provided to completely clean the belt at the end of each processing cycle.

Spiral freezers are simple to operate and are fully protected. All necessary safety systems fitted are standard. The Spiral freezer is available in a wide range of models designed to meet all capacities and factory layouts. The package model is delivered to site in one piece, connections to services can be quickly made, and the freezer is ready for operation.  Larger capacities can be provided for the site, built in unit’s consisting of either one or two drums. Throughputs of up to four tons per hour can be achieved with twin drum models.

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