Fish splitting

The G142 is a splitting machine designed for the processing of
either whole & ungutted fish, or headed & gutted fish. It can be setup to either perform a butterfly cut, or congo-cut split leaving the back of the fish in tact, or a complete split of the fish into two separate fillets. The G142 can
process a wide variety of fish species including Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, Saithe, Cod, Hake, Butter Snoek and many more. Speed is between 60-100 fish per minute depending on operator ability and skill.


The (whole / headed) fish is manually fed by either one or two operators, in between two conveyor belts, which convey the fish through the machine. Pressure plates centre the fish ensuring a centred cut by the single (for splitting) or double (for centre bone removal) circular knife-set. Waste material is dropped out of the bottom of the machine where it can be conveyed away. Power requirement: 2.2kW 5A 3-phase 380/400V AC

Size range
The width of the fish is the most crucial measurement: minimum width of 12 mm and maximum width of 64 mm. We have successful tested whole fish lengths measured from the tip of the nose to the start of the tail from 190mm to 500 mm. Maximum fish height of 113mm.
Model development
The first model G140 was constructed of galvanised steel. The G141 was a major further development due to it’s stainless steel construction and significant improvements in hygiene and safety. The latest development is now the G142 which improves the fish guidance and allows for width adjustment of the infeed.
The machine operation is supervised by a Banner safety controller which stops the machine if any doors are opened or if any E-Stops are activated. Error messages are displayed through the window at the rear of the machine. A knife guard protects cleaning crews even when the two top doors have been opened.

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