Fish heading Baader 423

The essential start to any upstart fish processing operation.  The old workhorse, Baader 423 straight cut heading machine is suitable for heading whitefish, Redfish and similar types of fish.

The overall length may be between 30 and 110cm in the case of whitefish, while redfish may be between 30 cm and 65cm long.

Depending on the way in which the fish is introduced into the machine, and head may be cut off either straight or at an angle. Precise location of the fish in the desired position is controlled by a stop lever.

A broad rubber conveyor belt with a sectioned surface ensures reliable passage, even in the case of large fishes. The two upper driver belts are spring-loaded and thus adapt themselves to the fish contour. All parts on contact with the fish are made of fully hygienic stainless steel material. The electric motor is housed in the lower part of the machine and is protected against the ingress of water and dirt.


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