High speed accurate Fish heading & filleting Baader 182

Most fish heading and filleting operations are performed by two separate machines.  Both these operations are combined into one, resulting in significant advantages.

  • Operators are only required once: to feed whole fish.
  • Electronic measuring and control systems measure the fish and then optimize both the heading and the filleting in order to achieve high yield in both operations for all fish sizes.
  • Since the machine does not use saddles, but instead operators place the whole fish into trays, a throughput of up to 120 fish / minute can be achieved!

Additionally, the machine can perform pin bone removal or a J-cut.  Fish species: Cod, Saithe, haddock, Whiting, Hake, Alaska Pollack and Hoki.

The Baader 212 is the Big Brother of the Baader 182 because the Baader 212 is designed to process larger fish than the Baader 182.

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