Alco Spiral Ovens



The ASH Alco spiral oven, is the perfect solution for products aimed at the health market, as it cooks without additional fat and additives.

Temperatures in the oven and on your product, as well as the relative air humidity are accurately controlled. Therefore, an optimal cooking result can be achieved, along with increased product output and desired consistency and colour.

Due to the spiral design, a long belt can to be squeezed into a small space, and thus the Alco spiral oven can cook large quantities of product slowly and gently, targeting an optimal colour and consistency as well as minimizing the loss of humidity in the product.

The processes of cooking and browning require very different heating atmospheres and therefore single spirals can be arranged one behind the other, in order to create one unit – this is the only way in which the complete independence of the cooking sections can be ensured.


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