Alco Dipping



The Alco ADT dipping machine is designed to coat products with with media which cannot be pumped with conventional coating machine, as for example heavy liquid batter, tempura and marinades. The products are guided through a bath of batter and marinade via upper and lower belts and because the coating media is not pumped it remains undamaged.

For coating with normal liquid batter see the Alco Battering machine.


Products include

  • nuggets
  • poultry pieces
  • barbecue products
  • shrimps, squid rings
  • vegetables
  • doughnuts
  • and many more including your product.

The ADT dipping machine is equipped with a separate swivelling outfeed conveyor preventing surplus coating media from penetrating into the subsequent machine.   The coating thickness is regulated with a blower which blows off the surplus coating media from the upper and lower side of the product. The belt speed of the complete belt system is infinitely adjustable via frequency drive.

During the design of the machine emphasis was placed on achieving easy cleaning – no components have to be dismantled for cleaning and the complete upper belt, transport conveyor belt and the outfeed conveyor can be tilted into a cleaning position without use of any tools.


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