Alco Contact cooking



The AGT Alco contact cooker, cooks evenly without additional fat!  Meat is guided between upper and lower belts and heated by electric- or thermal-oil-heated plates.  The result of this cooking method is a mouth watering product with natural taste, without additional fat and very low weight loss – thus perfectly meeting today’s demand for healthy and light foods.


Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, and pasta products that can be contact cooked include formed products, steaks, burgers, fish fillets, vegetable stripes, marinated products, bacon, pancakes, tofu-burgers, Gyros, Kebab, Cevapcici, beef olives, sausages etc.


Belts and plates are height adjustable via electric drive and the cooker is equipped with an automatic belt washing system which cleans the belt during production.   All parameters can be set via the touch screen and various product data can be store in the menu stored.


Also see the Alco spiral oven.

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