Alco Battering



The Alco APN battering machine is designed to coat with liquid batter all types of breaded/coated products from meat, poultry, fish and formed vegetable products including:

  • schnitzels
  • marinated fish fillets
  • nuggets
  • burgers
  • fish fingers
  • cheese sticks
  • potato croquettes
  • and many more including your product.

For coating with flour see Alco Dusting

For coating with material that cannot be pumped like tempura see Alco Dipping


The machine can also handle other liquids that can be pumped allowing for other applications like:

  • coating with marinade, e.g. barbecue products
  • coating with sauce, e.g. pasta products
  • applying oil or other emulsions onto products before cooking

The liquid is kept at the right temperature and consistence (even with particles inside) by adjusting the speed and flow rate of the pump – ensuring the best product for your customers.


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