Carton former/erector

LE102 Single Head (High Speed)

The HIGH SPEED Single head Carton Erector 102 is designed to automatically erect /  form various types of paperboard-blanks.

– Erecting heads are manufactured to your box specifications

– Brake motor for operator safety

– Simple design means low maintenance & easy operation

Construction features

- Easy to maintain

- Linear bearings

- Protective coverings and safety devices based upon CE-regulations

- Variable speed inverter drive

- Compact, strong, stainless steel construction

- Rotary motions on all bearings

- Placing of cartons pneumatically


- Variable 20-45 strokes/min depending on carton size, board quality and product inside carton

Optional features / equipment

- 5 minute quick-change carton frames & hoppers

- Bottom safety gates

- Raised platforms & machine stands

- Carton “Take-Away” conveyors in various designs

- Vacuum inside “Take-away” conveyor

Carton size range A + B (Blanks) – Single head

- Std min 80 x 100 mm (A x B)

- Std max 150 x 300 mm

- Height of folded boxes 24-80 mm

- Special sizes on request

Electrical requirements

- 380/400V, 3-phase, 50Hz 2kW Control voltage 24V / DC

Hopper capacity

+- 1000 blanks


- Compressed air: 4-6 bar

- Time to change forming heads: Interchangeable forming heads with pre-set dowel pins, size changes in less than 15 minutes

- Machine weight: +-500kg