Fish filleting

Baader 188's for sale!

B188 for sale: no.1

Used Baader 188 no.1

Used Baader 188 no.1

2 x complete Baader 188's in excellent running condition are in stock and ready for immediate sale.
Or if you prefer, we can fully recondition the machine(s).
Every year we fully reconditon a number of Baader 188's: this is what we are really good at!

The Baader 188:

  • is sturdy and durable,
  • has proven itself over decades on board trawlers and in land factories,
  • has high capacity,
  • is easy to operate,
  • is easy to maintain,
  • the drive and operation is simple – making it an economical purchase,
  • is safe to use,
  • and produces a high yield!

Fillets are produced with a smooth clean cut due to the careful handling of the raw material.
All in all: mechanized filleting ensures consistent yield, improved hygiene and safety.

B188 for sale: no.2

Used Baader 188 no.1

Used Baader 188 no.1


A Baader 188 has a maximum throughput of 36 fish/min: we recommend 28 fish/min - we have observed that operators can usually only feed fish correctly at 36/min for a limited amount of time and then either start making mistakes or skipping saddles.
At 28 fish/min, operators are better able to feed the machine well, over much longer periods of time.

Fish sizes

Fish sizes that can be cut range from 80 gram (special adaptation) up to 1.2 kg.
Important: In order to achieve high yields, machines are setup to cut smaller ranges
at a time, for example: 120gr to 300gr, or 300gr to 600gr, etc.

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