150 Single head carton erector - High Speed

The Single head Carton Erector 150 is designed to automatically erect /  form various types of paperboard-blanks.


– Erecting heads are manufactured to your box specifications

– Solid stainless steel construction

– Simple design means low maintenance & easy operation


Carton hopper

Optional features / equipment

Quick-change carton hoppers

Additional chain wheel for driving separate equipment

Vacuum tube inside “Take-away” conveyor

Carton “Take-Away” conveyors in various designs

Line drive modifications

Placing of cartons pneumatically


Compact, strong, stainless steel construction

Mechanical operating features

Rotary motions on all bearings

Linear bearings

Variable speed inverter drive

Protective coverings and safety devices based upon CE-regulations

Easy to maintain

Erecting / forming

Carton size range A + B (Blanks) – Single head

Std min 80 x 100 mm (A x B)

Std max 150 x 260 mm

Height of folded boxes 24-80 mm

Special sizes on request



Variable 20-45 strokes/min depending on carton size, board quality and product inside carton

Placing for ‘take-away’ conveyor

Electrical requirements

380/400V, 3-phase, 50Hz


Control voltage 24V / DC


Hopper capacity

+- 1000 blanks



Compressed air: 4-6 bar

Time to change forming heads: Interchangeable forming heads with pre-set dowel pins, size changes in less than 15 minutes

Machine weight: +-400kg

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