What We Do

We offer processing and packaging equipment, new and used, to fish, meat and poultry companies.  See our full product range for your specific requirements.

Carton erecting and sealing

Ensure quality sealed retail packs using our line-up of Packaging Equipment!

Fish splitting

View our video showing how the G142 splits many different specifies of fish.

Fish filleting

Achieve high yields of fillets by removing the inner bones without wasting valuable meat.

Meat slicing

Give your customer the added convenience of pre-sliced meat.  Precise slicing means even and fast cooking – horizontal and/or vertical.

Soft Seperation

Separates skin from fillet, meat from bone, crab meat from shell, yoghurt from packaging, pip from prune…hard from soft – which means the variety of applications is almost endless.

Fish skinning

The new Trio FDS35 increases yield by 2-5% over older skinning machines.

I.T. Products

With more processing equipment being linked to PC networks, we also sell computer hardware & software.


Proud CHT Supporters

We are proud to be supporting the Children’s Hospital here in Cape Town together with numerous other companies. We invite you to help too!

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